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Affordable Care Act – Law, Regulatory, Explanation and Analysis (2017)

Book - Softcover
Author(s): CCH Tax Law Editors
Published: 12/08/2016


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ISBN: 9780808045618
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With the publication of Affordable Care Act: Law Regulatory Explanation & Analysis (2017), CCH is providing practitioners with a single integrated law and explanation of the tax provisions of the landmark health reform legislation and guidance. This resource includes IRS regulations and other regulatory decrees executing the many aspects of health care reform.This edition contains complete coverage of the final employer mandate regulations, the simplified options for employer reporting, the small employer health credit regulations, the premium assistance tax credit reporting and much more.

The law is arranged in code section sequence with italicized type used for all new language that amends previous code sections. As always, CCH Tax and Accounting remains dedicated to responding to the needs of tax professionals in helping them quickly understand and work with these new laws as they take effect.

Affordable Care Act – Law, Regulatory, Explanation and Analysis (2017) is now available in an eBook format which you can download to your computer instantly.