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Employer's Tax Guide to Health Reform (2014)

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Author(s): CCH Editorial Staff
Published: 10/17/2013


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ISBN: 9780808037354
Offer Number: 10035955-0001
Pages: 108
Binding: Saddle-stitched/heavy paper cover
Volumes: 1

The Employer’s Tax Guide to Health Reform (2014) explains the tax-related provisions of the health reform provided for by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, focusing on what employers need to know for 2014. These important provisions are succinctly explained and generously complemented with cautions, examples and comments. Moreover, the effective dates of these wide-ranging provisions are clearly set out.

The Employer’s Tax Guide to Health Reform is ideal for informing clients, prospects and staff about the health reform changes impacting employers and prompting them to turn to their tax and financial advisers for help. It's authoritative, yet practical and easy-to-understand. Affordable quantity discounts and the option of printing firm name and logo on the cover make the Employer’s Tax Guide to Health Reform a great tool for firms to grow their businesses.