Wolters Kluwer

Federal Tax Study Manual (2017)

Book - Softcover
Published: 05/04/2016


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ISBN: 9780808043591
Offer Number: 10031766-0007
Volumes: 1

Federal Tax Study Manual (2017) is designed to enhance learning and improve comprehension for students of federal tax. Clear and concise summaries along with hundreds of review questions and answers help students understand the complexities of today's tax laws. Designed as an extra aid for students using CCH's industry-leading tax textbooks, the Study Manual highlights and reinforces the key tax concepts presented in: CCH's Federal Taxation: Comprehensive Topics, CCH's Federal Taxation: Basic Principles and CCH's Principles of Business Taxation.

The CCH Federal Tax Study Manual provides students with an approach that combines self-study with programmed learning. Throughout the Study Manual, main concepts are presented in a concise yet thorough fashion, allowing students to focus on and apply pertinent information. Chapter-by-chapter summaries and easy-to-read outlines highlight the indepth textbook explanations. Objective questions and problems (with solutions provided) are structured to help students master, apply and later review materials presented in each chapter.

Previous Editions: 2015, 2016

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