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Federal Taxation Practice and Procedure (12th Edition)

Book - Hardbound
Published: 09/05/2016


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ISBN: 9780808041016
Offer Number: 10010285-0004
Pages: 1000
Binding: Hardbound
Volumes: 1
Update Frequency: Annually

Federal Taxation Practice and Procedure (12th Edition) provides a clear explanation of the organization, structure and processes involved in IRS practice. A favorite in practice and procedure classes because of its clear descriptions and logical presentation, it is a top reference for practitioners as well. The book patiently covers the basics, the complexities and the details with plenty of real-life illustrations and examples. All the latest IRS structural changes and developments are explained, and the book helpfully includes reproductions of official letters, forms and notices used by the IRS.

This new 12th Edition reflects the latest statutory, regulatory and case developments along with changes in IRS operations and processes. Included right in place are special end-of-chapter problems for those using the book as a text or training tool. The authors continue the practice of carefully and concisely explaining the workings of the IRS, so that the reader gets a clear sense of how things work on a practical level.

This comprehensive guide discusses the administrative structure of the IRS, ethical duties of the practitioner, preparer penalties, and the statute of limitations. The Service's procedure in determining, reviewing, litigating and collecting tax deficiencies is described, and the roles of all the key groups within the IRS are covered. Also included are a discussion of related criminal investigations and the use of the IRS summons. The indirect method of proof is also covered.

The book's helpful Appendix contains the key sections from the Statement of Procedural Rules adopted by the Treasury Department to govern the internal administration and functioning of the IRS.

The book reflects the substantial experience and resourcefulness of its authors in highly successful IRS practices. The book's chapters are organized in a pedagogically sound sequence for optimum teaching and superior professional reference.

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