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TAXES—THE TAX MAGAZINE® is published monthly by CCH Tax and Accounting and provides its readers with cogent, innovative and practice-oriented analyses of federal, state and international tax issues. Articles selected for publication in this monthly magazine furnish pragmatic guidance for navigating a strategic course through the intricate landscape of tax rules and regulations. Articles written by top tax experts provide thorough, accurate analysis of current tax issues, trends and legislative developments. Each issue offers timely feature articles as well as the following regular columns:

  • Corporate Tax Watch, covering all critical developments in the corporate tax area.
  • Employee Benefits Column, examining all types of employee benefits, including qualified plans, IRAs, governmental plans, nonqualified deferred compensation plans, and health and welfare plans.
  • Federal Tax Practice Standards, identifying and examining the rules governing the conduct of attorneys, certified public accountants and enrolled agents (EAs) in federal tax practice.
  • The Estate Planner, examining the tax and legal aspects of trusts and estates and significant current developments.
  • Family Tax Planning Forum, focusing on financial planning, retirement planning and income tax.
  • International Tax Watch for a look at the world of tax beyond the U.S.
  • Tax Practice, focusing on tax practice and procedure issues.
  • Tackling Taxes, covering current tax matters of significant interest to our readers.
  • Tax Meetings for a calendar of upcoming tax conferences and seminars.
  • Tax Trends designed to keep you up-to-date on the latest trends in the tax world.

Special Conference Issues. Published exclusively each year in the special March and June issues of CCH's TAXES—THE TAX MAGAZINE® are the papers and panel discussions presented at the prestigious University of Chicago Law School's Annual Federal Tax Conference and the prominent Tax Council Policy Institute’s Annual Symposium.